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My book room

I wrote previously about the crazy decor in the condo my husband and I bought. Here are some stage by stage condo renovation pictures. We have a little nook off the dining room. I think it used to be a porch at some point, but it was closed in. The nook is the area where I was going to set up all my bookshelves. It previously housed the former owner’s collection of dolls. Here is what it used to look like, complete with the former owner’s furniture and dolls in the nook in the far right corner of the photo:


This is the nook area after my husband got rid of all the shelves and the wallpaper border in the dining room:

Green and red are icky

The red stuff in the nook was a very thick plaster treatment. So we sanded it down some:

more red plaster

We painted the room a light green and set up my bookshelves. This is what it looks like now, you can see that I still have way too many books!



It seems to me that weddings require at least three times the amount of ribbon you would expect such an occasion to demand. And five times the trips to the craft store that anyone would be able to withstand.

Good Sunday

I had a good day today, and it is even better knowing that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow! I went downtown and took advantage of Borders’ buy 3 get one free manga sale (bought 2 volumes of Boys Over Flowers, MeruPuri 4, and Sayuki Reload 1). I then found 3 summer sweaters at the Eddie Bauer outlet for $12.99 each. Then I went to see Inside Man, which was excellent. I’ll see any movie that features Clive Owen robbing a bank. The real crime in the movie was Mr. Owen’s face being covered by a mask most of the time.

library science journals that offer RSS feeds? help!

I’m teaching a workshop soon at my library about using news feeds to help with professional development, and I’m trying to see if someone has put together a master list of the library and information science journals that offer tables of contents as RSS feeds. I can find some lists of academic journals in general that offer news feeds, but I’m having a hard time tracking down a list that is specific to library science. It seems to me like this is the type of thing someone would have put together. Any tips? Does anyone have an opml file for something like this?

The Wonder of Pantyhose

The most excellent Threadbared blog is celebrating Pantyhose Craft Week.

I’ve mentioned before that I once worked in a pantyhose factory when I was a teenager. A tree at the end of the driveway attacked my mom’s minivan while I was driving it, totally destroying the rear window. I had to make some money to repair the car, although really the tree should have paid because it was clearly at fault for not getting out of my way. During my time at the factory I stood at the end of the conveyer belt and sorted leggs packages by size into little trays. I still feel a bit of post-traumatic stress whenever I see leggs. But I learned three important lessons through this experience:

1) Always be on the lookout for vicious driveway trees.
2) I don’t want to work in a factory.
3) Pantyhose is icky.


I think I managed to fix the problem with my .htaccess file. I have no idea how to fix the feed problems with bloglines though.

phantom magazine subscriptions?

Has anyone had random magazines that they have not subscribed to show up at their house? I now have an April issue of Ladies’ Home Journal, but I have not subscribed to the magazine. Maybe someone is being mean and pulling a horrible prank on me to make sure I read tips about how to look years younger and appreciate that Diane Sawyer is Soul Searching at 60. I see no reason why this magazine would appear at my house.