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Yet another tumblr

If you follow me on twitter, you are probably aware that I started another tumblr here: It is fun running the Gemworld tumblr, but having a subject focused tumblr didn’t give me the room to post whatever random stuff I like. So I started a new one. For now, most stuff I like seems to consist solely of content centered around Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes and the occasional manga image. We’ll see how it evolves from there.

In a World for April 2011

Like Lion Voltron, the Bureau Chiefs have banded together to produce a super sized helping of trailer reviews for upcoming movies. Click on over for my profound thoughts on the soon to be classic movies Your Highness and Fast Five.

And hey! Our book comes out soon! Have you bought it yet? I finally have a copy of my own, and let me tell you not only is it funny it is also the perfect spring/summer accessory!

Update on Bureau Chief Projects

As you may know, when I am not blogging about manga or knitting, I am contributing to the internet powerhouse comedy feed FakeAPStylebook and the spin-off site The Content Farm.

Our book, Write More Good is now available for preorder! Order it now so you aren’t the last on your block to get this fabulous book, which will revolutionize the field of literature for the parody twitter feeds genre!

The Content Farm has moved away from tumblr to a dedicated site, The Content Farm. You can also follow The Content Farm on twitter and like it on facebook!

Pardon the dust

I had a semi-catastrophic upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, and in my frantic attempts to bring back my blog I managed to overwrite my images folder. So there are now many posts with images on this site that aren’t working. The posts I’m most concerned about are all my Amethyst recaps, since I spent a lot of time on them and based on my blog statistics, those are the posts that people tend to stumble across and spend a lot of time reading. So I’ll be working to restore the images on those posts and bring back some of the site functionality that went away during my WordPress upgrade crisis!

My New Manga Review Site: Manga Report

I’ve been thinking of doing this for some time, and I finally went ahead with launching a dedicated site for all my manga reviews. You can find it at Manga Report.

From now on, all my manga reviews will be over there but I’ll keep the archives of everything that I’ve posted here. As I increased the manga coverage on this site, it started feeling a little out of place if I wanted to blog here about the picture books my kids like (Cat in the Hat! Multiple times a day!) or the awesome color I painted my toenails (Lincoln Park After Dark!) or knitting (I just learned how to cable and am making a scarf that is a gazillion feet long!). So will shift back into being more of a personal blog/lifestream sort of site that I imagine will be updated more infrequently, and all the manga stuff will be over on Manga Report.

Thanks very much to Kevin for creating Manga Report’s nifty new banner, and everyone else who provided feedback as I set up the site over the weekend.

Manga Report has two new reviews up for The Dreaming Complete Collection and The Story of Saiunkoku Volume 1. Let me know what you think of the new site, and thanks for reading!

Library Blog Landscape with bonus Naval Gazing

The new issue of Cites and Insights has an excerpt of the book But Still They Blog: The Liblog Landscape 2007-2009, click on over for the PDF if you enjoy reading some interesting number crunching about library blogs. I find it a little odd to be included in the project, just because I don’t tend to think of this as a “library blog” very much anymore. I’m at a point in my career where I don’t feel very much like blogging about the daily details of my library jobs. I’ve moved away from feeling affiliated with the library blogosphere.

While I do think that blogging about manga serves a very librarian-like function of readers advisory, there’s a bit of a disconnect between the folks who blog about library technology and trends and the people that blog about books and reading. It seems to me like the liblog hype and attention mostly seems to rest with the techie people, and while I very much am a techie person in my daily life I don’t feel like blogging about it anymore. I think most of my disaffected feeling with library blogging originated with all the Library 2.0 hoopla. I just got tired with the idea of following many online conversations about technology and libraries, even though I do stay as current as I can with the things I need to know for my jobs.

The people I’m most connected to online aren’t library bloggers, they’re the group of people that make up The Bureau Chiefs. FakeAPStylebook (book comes out Spring 2011!!!) has had the most attention and hype of anything I’ve ever been involved with online, and it has nothing to do with libraries. So while it is nice to be included in a study of library bloggers I’m now at the point where it feels a little odd to be listed among groups of library blogs.