My New Manga Review Site: Manga Report

I’ve been thinking of doing this for some time, and I finally went ahead with launching a dedicated site for all my manga reviews. You can find it at Manga Report.

From now on, all my manga reviews will be over there but I’ll keep the archives of everything that I’ve posted here. As I increased the manga coverage on this site, it started feeling a little out of place if I wanted to blog here about the picture books my kids like (Cat in the Hat! Multiple times a day!) or the awesome color I painted my toenails (Lincoln Park After Dark!) or knitting (I just learned how to cable and am making a scarf that is a gazillion feet long!). So will shift back into being more of a personal blog/lifestream sort of site that I imagine will be updated more infrequently, and all the manga stuff will be over on Manga Report.

Thanks very much to Kevin for creating Manga Report’s nifty new banner, and everyone else who provided feedback as I set up the site over the weekend.

Manga Report has two new reviews up for The Dreaming Complete Collection and The Story of Saiunkoku Volume 1. Let me know what you think of the new site, and thanks for reading!