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Recent Media Consumption


I saw The Man From UNCLE, and I liked it. I think that anyone who enjoyed the old TV show would enjoy it, if they don’t mind seeing the characters recast. It was pretty restrained for a Guy Ritchie movie, the costume design and soundtrack were great at evoking the 60s, and overall it was amusing in a low key way. I kept getting distracted by how large Armie Hammer as Ilya Kuryakin was, because TV Ilya was so tiny. Also, I am uncertain about the choice to have new Napoleon Solo vaguely mimic Robert Vaughn’s distinct line delivery. Still, fun and worth seeing for a summer matinee.

We rented The Duff the other night, and it was a solid teen movie! Nice if you have fond memories of John Hughes movies, but want to see something more modern that actually references tumblr.


Having finished Healer recently, I moved on to Jeju Island Gatsby, the latest drama from the Hong Sisters. The mayor is my favorite character. I’m around midway through the series and enjoying it, although I don’t think it is in any way as great as You’re Beautiful or Masters’ Sun by the same writers.


I’ve decided to rewatch 30 Rock! I actually missed several episodes here and there so it is fun to go back and watch it again from the beginning. I love netflix.

Jupiter Ascending

I saw Jupiter Ascending and I was entertained. Keep in mind, I often do not feel the need to watch a “good” movie in order to be amused. The movie as a whole is an incoherent Cinderella Story, where Channing Tatum as a half human/half wolf looks profoundly uncomfortable most of the time and sports a mangy-looking goatee. He does have very cool rocket boots though! Mila Kunis as Jupiter has awe inspiring eye makeup, and a habit of falling from high places repeatedly only to be rescued by Channing Tatum and his rocket boots. There were scenes of long exposition about alien economics and immortality that were a bit boring. There were some scattered moments of humor. If this movie had been about 15% more funny, it would have been much better. Also, Jupiter doesn’t show much agency after being kidnapped by aliens. She gets a few punches in at the end, but it would have been nicer if she had been a more active heroine. I’m sure this could have been managed if perhaps one rocket boot rescue had been replaced with a different type of scene.

  • Sean Bean is in the movie! He loves bees!
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw is in the movie! She is wasted in her role as a sardonic bat maid.
  • Eddie Redmayne is absolutely committed to his role as an asthmatic alien prince with mommy issues. He was delightful.
  • The supporting cast (sadly not the main cast) was nicely diverse.
  • The rocket boot special effects actually gave me hope of what we might experience if the Jack Kirby character the Black Racer ever shows up in a movie.
  • The costumes were gorgeous.

Overall, this was an adequate matinee/dollar theater movie. I think it is better seen on the big screen so one can appreciate all the baroque spaceships. I wish the script had been better, it would be nice to have a non-comic book/franchise science fiction movie to truly appreciate.

Rocket boots!


So I saw Lockout today, which was highly enjoyable if you enjoy Luc Besson projects about Guy Pearce breaking out of space prison. Here’s the trailer:

This was the first trailer which made me want to see the movie, due to all the sarcasm and face punching!

In a World for April 2011

Like Lion Voltron, the Bureau Chiefs have banded together to produce a super sized helping of trailer reviews for upcoming movies. Click on over for my profound thoughts on the soon to be classic movies Your Highness and Fast Five.

And hey! Our book comes out soon! Have you bought it yet? I finally have a copy of my own, and let me tell you not only is it funny it is also the perfect spring/summer accessory!

Born to Fight

I inexplicably felt compelled to share the trailer from Born To Fight, a movie about a group of Thai athletes who foil an evil terrorist plot to take over a rural village by using their sports skills. There is lots of face kicking!

His Beloved Car Will Be His Grave!

On Thanksgiving I am thankful for Transporter 3, which featured:

Shirtless Jason Statham punching people.
Shirtless Jason Statham waking up with a bomb on his wrist
Shirt-fu, an ancient martial art which requires one to fight while ripping off one’s shirt in order to use it to subdue one’s opponents.

The Incredible Hulk

This movie was better than I expected, even though it didn’t reach the heights of comic book movie awesomeness that was Iron Man. There were plenty of jokey cameos and CGI Hulk looked very shiny. I was hoping for some slightly more innovative action sequences since Louis Leterrier worked on both Transporter movies. Still it wasn’t a bad way to spend a summer evening. Also, Robert Downey Jr. continues to be hot.