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Psst! I’ve got a book over here for you.

Oh frabjous day! Today is the day that the book that will redefine journalism, humor, and literature for a new generation comes out. Write More Good is available now! Please buy it!

Everything in the book that you find hilarious, I wrote. Those other guys wrote all the mildly amusing stuff that might be worth a chuckle or two.

Here are a couple local newspaper articles the book:

Culture Vulture: Bureau Chiefs: Twitter feeds to book deal

@FakeAPStylebook’s Write More Good

In a World for April 2011

Like Lion Voltron, the Bureau Chiefs have banded together to produce a super sized helping of trailer reviews for upcoming movies. Click on over for my profound thoughts on the soon to be classic movies Your Highness and Fast Five.

And hey! Our book comes out soon! Have you bought it yet? I finally have a copy of my own, and let me tell you not only is it funny it is also the perfect spring/summer accessory!

Update on Bureau Chief Projects

As you may know, when I am not blogging about manga or knitting, I am contributing to the internet powerhouse comedy feed FakeAPStylebook and the spin-off site The Content Farm.

Our book, Write More Good is now available for preorder! Order it now so you aren’t the last on your block to get this fabulous book, which will revolutionize the field of literature for the parody twitter feeds genre!

The Content Farm has moved away from tumblr to a dedicated site, The Content Farm. You can also follow The Content Farm on twitter and like it on facebook!

Bureau Chiefs Site is ALIVE!

So things have been busy around here! I’m pleased to announce that the many-headed (just like a hydra, except we write on the internet) group of authors behind FakeAPStylebook known as the Bureau Chiefs has their own web site to showcase their writings at The Bureau Chiefs. I set up the web site with drupal and Benjamin Birdie did the awesome graphics.

I’m planning on doing the occasional manga and YA literature article over there. Visit the site often or add it to your feed reader because we’ll be posting new pieces there every weekday.