The Wonder of Pantyhose

The most excellent Threadbared blog is celebrating Pantyhose Craft Week.

I’ve mentioned before that I once worked in a pantyhose factory when I was a teenager. A tree at the end of the driveway attacked my mom’s minivan while I was driving it, totally destroying the rear window. I had to make some money to repair the car, although really the tree should have paid because it was clearly at fault for not getting out of my way. During my time at the factory I stood at the end of the conveyer belt and sorted leggs packages by size into little trays. I still feel a bit of post-traumatic stress whenever I see leggs. But I learned three important lessons through this experience:

1) Always be on the lookout for vicious driveway trees.
2) I don’t want to work in a factory.
3) Pantyhose is icky.