Back from SLC, I visited my new condo

I just got back from Salt Lake City, I visited the future Mr. Tangognat and checked out our condo with renovations in progress. We bought the place in November from a woman who had a very strange idea of interior decoration. She used a lot of dark green and dark red, and the second bedroom was an electric blue shrine to Spongebob Squarepants. My future husband did a great job painting the dining room and living room a nice warm cream color, and the guest bedroom is now “bonsai green”. I didn’t take any pictures of the nice rooms though, because I felt I had to document the trainwreck like quality of the rooms we haven’t had time to get to yet. To give you an idea of how thematic and overdecorated the condo is, this is a picture of the laundry room:

thematic laundry room

Note that not only do we have a laundry themed wallpaper border, there is also a laundry themed plactic light switch. Yowza!

weird front closet

This is the front closet. She took the doors off the closet, installed a shelf and a wine themed wallpaper border and a yucky looking rack that I think is supposed to hold wine glasses upside down. I think it looks much better now that it is being used as a holding zone for all the paint and tools. I guess we will have to take out all the wine garbage and buy some new closet doors.

horrible green paint

This is the front hallway with the wallpaper border removed, it gives you an idea of how dark the colors are that were used in the condo.

more painted tile

There is not a single tiled surface that was spared a horrible onslaught of stenciling. The former owner used regular house paint on the tiles for her projects, so it can be scraped off.

Bathroom of wobbly pink stripes

This is the master bathroom. I think it is a crime against humanity. I don’t know why wobbly pink stripes would be a look anyone would go for, but I guess someone liked it. I’m looking forward to getting rid of the pink.