Pondering December Previews

Looking at Previews in December, this is what I find interesting on the manga front:


Arata the Legend – I’m not very good about remembering to read manga online, because for the series I know I’m most interested in I know I’ll end up getting the print volume. I tend to focus more on the Sigikki titles as opposed to the series that are online on Shonen Sunday. But seeing this shonen series by Yuu Watase solicited is going to prompt me to catch up over on Shonen Sunday, especially since they also have Kekkaishi online.

Butterflies, Flowers #2 – Due to my habit of only getting monthly shipments from DCBS, I haven’t been able to read the first volume of this series yet. But since I am starved for Josei I am certainly going to order this manga!

Ristorante Paradiso – I really enjoy Ono’s art in House of Five leaves, and manga dealing with food is a recipe for enjoyment for me!

We Were There #9 – Oh, the melodrama!

Rasetsu #4 – I’m waffling about this. I like this series, but I don’t Like it Like it, if you know what I mean.


Future Diary #5 – I enjoyed the first volume of this series and then forgot to pick up the rest of it. I need to hunt down the volumes I haven’t read.

Shinobi Life #4 and Silver Diamond #5 – These are two of my favorite series coming out from Tokyopop right now. I love Shinobi Life for the time traveling ninjas and romance, and I love Silver Diamond due to its incomprehensible plot, weird plants, and frequent awkward male group hugging.

Twelve Kingdoms novel #4 – I am hoping that by the seventh volume of this series I will get a satisfying conclusion to this story since the ending in the anime was so abrupt.

Hanako & Terror of Allegory #1 – This looks interesting. It is by the creator of Future Diary and the plot centers around a “folklore detective:”

The ‘No-mouth Woman,’ ‘The Man Under the Bed,’ and the ‘Human Faced Fish’ are supposedly urban legends. But what few people know is that just at the moment when someone believes them to be true, they become reality and appear before them! Enter Daisuke Asou, a folklore detective who deals with such cases. He calls these fantastic creatures ‘allegories.’ What’s a folklore detective to do? When urban legends become living ‘allegories,’only one person can save the day: Daisuke Asou, the folklore detective!

Del Rey Manga

Clamp in America – I am not a total Clampaholic, as I have never really gotten into a couple of their series like Chobits. But I’m interested in this book.


Oh My Brother #2 – While the first volume of this series wasn’t as strong as The Name of the Flower, I am still a big Saito fan so I’m looking forward to the conclusion of this story.