Mars Vols 1 & 2

Berserk – I picked this up because I knew it had a huge fanbase, I was hoping I would like it too. But it is not for me. I didn’t care for the art or the storyline. The setting is interesting, you don’t see too much manga set in a pseudo medieval world where the antihero has an elf for a sidekick. But If I wanted to read manga with horror overtones where an antihero goes around slaughtering people, I could read Blade of the Immortal instead, where it is much more artfully done

Ruroni Kenshin vol 1 – I was happy when Viz started publishing it in Shonen Jump because I enjoyed the anime, even though the show dragged on a bit. It is interesting Viz is selling the manga for $7.95, it is undercutting Tokyo Pop a bit.

Erica Sakurazawa’s Nothing But Loving You

Alice 19th vol 1 and 2 – Has all the elements you would expect in a “magical girl” manga: heroine who boys keep falling in love with, romantic conflict, cute animal spirit guide, magical jewelry, and strange things happening near Tokyo Tower. But I will happily read anything by Watase.