Ask Tangognat – Manga for a 6 year old girl

Justin writes: My 6yo. daughter just loves Tanya del Rio’s Sabrina comics, but now that her run is ending, I don’t know where to go next. She’s kind of into some superhero titles–the new Shazam and Supergirl–but I think she’ll like manga more. Got any suggestions?

I know you asked for manga, but the first titles that popped into my head were regular comics. If your daughter likes superhero titles and manga influenced art, you might want to try the recent series of Power Pack graphic novels.

I haven’t read the new Power Pack issues myself because my children are still in the chewing on board books stage, but I think these graphic novels are rated for all ages.

The other series I thought your daughter might want to try is Babymouse. These short volumes detail the adventures of an mouse in elementary school who has a vivid imagination, bad hair days, and an annoying little brother. Babymouse is very funny and a good choice if your daughter likes the color pink.

For manga, I think you’ll want to try some of the new and upcoming kids imprints from some of the manga publishers. Viz Kids is a bit heavy on the Pokemon, but one of the titles called Happy Happy Clover was mentioned in the comments threads of one of my earlier recommendation posts. It is about bunnies! I haven’t read it myself, but the cover looks cute.

Viz also has picture books based on the Ghibli library of films, so something like the Kiki’s Delivery Service film picture book might be another one to try.

Tokyopop briefly had a chapter book-like OEL manga line. I don’t think these series are continuing, but you might also want to check out Kat and Mouse, about girl detectives at a boarding school.

If you can wait until spring, I think the recently announced kids imprint from UDON could be promising too.

If you have more suggestions for Justin, please let him know!