Babymouse: Beach Babe

Babymouse: Beach Babe by by Jennifer Holm and Matt Holm 4/5 stars (

This is the most adorable graphic novel I have read in a long time. School is ending, and Babymouse has a summer vacation to look forward to, even though her little brother Squeek keeps following her around. Babymouse has a vivid imagination – when she cleans out her locker on the last day of school she finds a meteor, gnomes, aliens, and a stale cupcake along with other objects. When she heads for the beach, will she master surfing, or will she be shark bait? The illustrations are black and white, punctuated by a liberal use of pink. Babymouse is such an active and funny character. I wouldn’t hesitate to give this comic to any little girl looking for something fun to read. Babymouse is nominated for a Cybil.

You can read more about Babymouse at the publisher’s website or the author’s web site.
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