Tea For Two

Tea for Two Volume 1 by Yaya Sakuragi (amazon)

I’ve read and enjoyed You Higuri’s Gorgeous Caratand read a couple other yaoi titles for another reviewing gig. So Tea For Two is probably just the fifth yaoi title I’ve read, and it was pretty good.
Tokumaru is so rambunctious, he’s always fighting or breaking something. His sister decides to force him to attend the tea ceremony club after he breaks one of her picture frames. Tokumaru is extremely dubious about being forced to learn to be refined, but he’s strangely drawn to the cool and collected president of the club, Hasune.
Tokumaru spends more time with the tea club, partially because he enjoys napping on tatami mats. The club room is a perfect place to ditch a few classes. He finds himself reacting in an unexpected way to Hasune’s occasional teasing. Tokumaru finds himself jealous of Hasune’s relationship with Keigo, the sweets supplier for his tea ceremonies. After Hasune engages in a few random ear licks and kisses, Tokumaru concludes that Hasune is madly in love with him, and since he doesn’t seem to mind, he they must be in love too. But things are thrown into question when Tokumaru givs up the tea ceremony for baseball. Tokumaru begins to take sports more seriously, and Hasune starts being slightly less reserved about showing his own feelings.
The art has an angular quality to it – all the guys have jutting chins, broad shoulders, and large knobby hands. Since the character’s personalties were interesting and their relationship showed some evolution and forward progress, I thought this was an above average yaoi title.
There are two brief side stories at the end of the book. One features Tokumaru’s sister Nagomi and Hasune’s sister Kotoko. The other story details the relationship problems of Keigo and another one of his customers. The production quality for the manga is good, with plenty of footnotes sprinkled throughout identifying terms used in the tea ceremony and two color pages in the front of the book.

Review copy provided by Tokyopop.