2007 year of reading in review

So, for 2007 I read:

46 fiction books, 4 non-fiction books, and I reread 18 books, for a grand total of 58 books read. This is way down from last year’s total of 86 books but being a new parent to twins certainly doesn’t leave me nearly as much time to read, so I think I’m doing pretty well with an average of a little over a book a week! this year I continued to enjoy reading Charles McCarry’s literary spy novels. I think my favorite book this year was Eva Ibbotsen’s delightful and humorous historical romance A Countess Below Stairs. One of my biggest disappointments for books I read was Stefanie Meyer’s Eclipse. I really hope she’s able to come up with a different plot for her next book, because after reading 3 books about Bella needing to be rescued by vampires the premise is wearing a little thin. Also, Shannon Hale’s Austenland sucked big time.

I read 129 new manga and 13 graphic novels (mostly Fables collections). I reread around 30 volumes of manga, for a total of 172 manga/graphic novel volumes read. Some of the new series that I really enjoyed were the wacked-out retro sci-fi classic To Terra, the historic romantic comedy Tail of the Moon, and the works of Chika Shiomi (Yurara, Canon, Night of the Beasts).