Her Majesty’s Dog

Her Majesty’s Dog by Mick Takeuchi 4/5 stars (amazon)

Her Majesty’s Dog is the story of Amane, a girl whose cool exterior hides her psychic powers. She can see and control spirits. Amane is aided by her guardian demon dog named Hyoue who can also take human form. Hyoue is of course enrolled in Amane’s high school, and his outgoing nature makes him a popular student. Amane comes from an isolated village, and has never interacted with other kids before, so she’s a bit of an outcast in high school. Hyoue needs to be fed from Amane’s life force, so she naturally has to kiss him from time to time to power him up. This totally mystifies the other students, because they don’t understand why one of the most popular guys in school keeps making out with such an odd girl.
Amane’s powers cause her to become involved in resolving matters for the spirits she encounters. Although Hyoue is Amane’s guardian beast, he obviously has deeper feelings for her. Amane has no hesitation when it comes to ordering Hyoue around, but she’s shy when relating to normal kids. She’s also a bit helpless whenever she has to deal with modern technology. I’m not quite sure why I enjoyed Her Majesty’s Dog so much – the combination of spirit of the week type stories highlighted by the bickering relationship between Hyoue and Amane made this one of the more recent new manga that I’ve really enjoyed. I’ll definitely be picking up some of the later volumes in this series. I’ve only read a couple titles published by Gocomi, but after reading this series in addition to Cantarella, I’m going to make more of an effort to check out their other titles if they sound appealing. I especially liked the translator’s notes section in the back of the volume. If you go to the Her Majesty’s Dog page on the Gocomi web site and click on the Manga Viewer link, you can look at a few pages from the manga.