pez, pyrite, prostrate

Trusty Plinko Stick reveals his Pez collection. This makes me feel better about my yarn closet. Wait, I don’t really have a yarn closet. Forget I said that!

Johanna points out Fool’s Gold, one of the better looking upcoming OEL manga from Toykopop. You can read some of the previews here. Tokyopop is putting out a ton of product, and there are only a few series that I’m finding interesting. I already like Dramacon, The Dreaming seems like it will be really good, Sorcerers and Secretaries is appealing, and Mail Order Ninja looks like a cute all-ages title.

I dedicated myself to vegging out over the weekend to recover from all the teaching that I did last week. I knit two hats, watched a ton of TV, went to the comic book store, and ate a dagoba bar. I’m not sure if I feel totally ready to teach 3 classes tomorrow, but I think I rid myself of the urge to scream when talking about interlibary loan for the 40+ time this semester. I decided to buy myself a present at the comic book store and the SHIELD powerpoint reminded me of how cool and mod Jim Steranko’s art was. So I’ve been kicking back and reading Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. It is quite delightful. It is pretty hilarious that even though Fury has advanced spy-gadget suits to fight in, he always ends up not wearing a shirt. I would really like a gun that fires grenades and a fire absorbing cigar.