library instruction by the numbers

I tend to add up my stats when I don’t think I’m going to get many more library instruction requests. Things are going to start to wind down a little bit after this week. Today was my last time having to teach three classes in one day, from now on I’m only scheduled for one or two classes at a time.
I just schedule all the classes for freshmen students, so that includes sessions of introductory composition and a few freshmen seminars. This semester I scheduled 56 sections of composition and 16 seminar courses, so at my library we had 72 total freshmen instruction sessions scheduled so far. I’m teaching 53 of these classes, and other librarians are teaching the rest. I think that 50 classes a semester is a little on the high side but still manageable. I remember someone posting a question about average number of classes taught to the ILI-L list and the responses ranged all over the place, from 15-60. I think it really depends on the amount of preparation required for each class and the type of classes you’re teaching.