Manga Giveaway!

I’ve been feeling like my karma is somehow lacking, because many lovely bloggers have sent me comics recently and I’ve done nothing in return. So instead of offering to knit the internet a nice winter scarf or hat, I’m going to see if anyone wants some free manga! All of the titles I’m offering below are the first volumes of a series, so if you’ve been wanting a jumping on point to sample some manga, this could be your opportunity!

This giveaway is open to anyone. Just e-mail me (tangognat @ with the following bits of information:

1) The title you want
2) Your name and mailing address
3) Tell me what your favorite palindrome is.

If more than one person wants a particular title, I’ll draw names out of a hat.

This is what I’m giving away:

Bizenghast – New OEL (original English language) manga about a spooky town and the friends who find a mysterious cemetary.
Alichino – Are the Alichino angels or demons?
Happy Mania – What lengths will Shigeta go to in order to snag a boyfriend?
Ray Two fisted medical manga about an unusual underground surgeon.
Please Save My Earth – High school, aliens, and reincarnation complicate Alice’s life.
Red River – Don’t go near the water! Yuri is magically transported to the historic middle east.
Gals! – Crazy hijinks about a gang of girls in Shibuya.
Saikano – What happens when your new girlfriend is the ultimate weapon?
Swan – Will Matsumi be able to follow her dreams of becoming a ballerina?

This giveaway will be open until next Tuesday. Feel free to spread the word about the giveaway. I need more room on my bookshelves for more manga!

UPDATE: Manga Giveaway is now closed