Amethyst Princess of Gemworld Reboot Blog Reaction Round-up

Amethyst, Princess Of Homogeneity – “I’m sure a number of people are looking at this move by DC and saying, “A strong female lead! That’s awesome!” But it’s not. Not really. The character is just as Aryan as Captain America. It’s Barbie in a purple Wonder Woman costume. With backup stories featuring another white male hero, Beowulf.”

The Return of Amethyst (but probably not for long) – “My first impression? The comic’s title sucks. A good title is the first key to success. I get that DC is trying to revive their old, old titles (and probably keep their copyrights), but this title alone will drive it into cancellation. Example: the first Sword and Sorcery from 1973 only lasted five issues.”

What’s new with the New New New 52 books? – “In the plus column, this book may just be different enough from the rest of the line to stand out and attract readers who aren’t interested in the rest of the DCU (and/or DC readers who want something different than they get in the other 51-55 books), and since it does take a chance on a new writer instead of someone from the same old talent pool, who knows what will happen?”

DC Renumbers Again in September, Launches Four New Series – “It’d be hard for any issue to be as surprising as discovering that Christy Marx, veteran comic, cartoon and video game writer (and creator of Jem and The Holograms) is writing a reboot of 1980s YA fantasy title Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld for one of DC’s four new September titles, however.”

Amethyst is back — and the rest of the new DC lineups – “Hm. Older. But not “legal”. And she’s wearing pants. So…promising.”