More Amethyst Coverage on Robot6

Christy Marx discusses Amethyst over on Robot 6, more details about the upcoming series.

Quick reaction: I have to say I am disappointed that the original series is referred to as having a “girly” and “princessy” art style. Ernie Colon’s art was actually very sophisticated considering the time the series came out and I always thought that the general style of the book blended the surreal and fantastic in an interesting way. The varied architecture of the houses of the Gemworld never struck me as overly princessy at all. Sure, there was the occasional girly element of necklaces and flying unicorns, but the art never struck me as overly girly.

Dark Opal being Bad

One of the reasons why it is a bit of a shame that the original Amethyst isn’t being rereleased in color is that the coloring was often used to bring out the otherworldly aspects of the Gemworld:

Amethyst and Topaz