What to read next if you liked the Twilight Manga

I was looking at the comments of a review of the Twilight manga, and I saw someone asking for advice on what to read next. Here are some suggestions!

If you want to read more vampire manga, you might want to try:

Vampire Knight – There is angst galore in this popular series that takes place at a boarding school for vampires. Very pretty art.
Bloody Kiss – Short, 2 volume comedy series about a girl who suddenly inherits a house and vampire tenants.
Millennium Snow – Another 2 volume series about a dying girl and the vampire who may be able to save her.

If you like stories where the male hero is supernatural and has creepy control issues try:

Black Bird – The relationship dynamic is one of the reasons I have issues with Twilight (and I’ve read all 4 books). There’s a similar relationship dynamic going on in Black Bird. But it is a supernatural romance, so Twilight fans might like it.

If you like supernatural romance try:

Night of the Beasts – Aria inherits supernatural powers and an ancient family curse. Her boyfriend turns into a demon and she has to save/fight him!

Yurara – Yurara is shy, but she has a secret. She’s possessed by an older, taller, more attractive guardian spirit to springs into action when she’s confronted by spirits. Two cute guys in her class are also ghost hunters. What’s she going to do?!

Shinobi Life – Beni is a spoiled rich girl. Kagetora is a time traveling ninja who serves as her bodyguard. This series gets better with each volume.

If you like tortured teen romance try:

We Were There – This is a heartbreaking story about a teen couple who get together, but their psychological issues may end up dooming their relationship.

Sand Chronicles – Ann moves to her grandparents’ rural village after her parents divorce and makes new friends. Unlike some manga Sand Chronicles shows the characters aging a bit with each volume, exploring their lives as they slowly grow up.