Vampire Knight and Trinity Blood

Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino 3/5 stars (

Yuki attends a school where students are separated into the Day Class and the Night Class. The Day Class students are normal, but the Night Class students are vampires. When Yuki was a little girl, she was saved from vampires by Kaname, the handsome leader of the Night Class. Yuki now acts as a member of the disciplinary committee with another student named Zero, and they are charged with protecting the vampires’ secret and maintaining the division between the student groups. Yuki has feelings for Kaname, while Zero wants to eradicate all vampires, even the ones who seem like pacifists.
As with Meru Puri, the previous series by this author, the art is incredibly pretty but the plot and characters don’t fully maintain my interest. I do like manga about tortured looking vampires though, so I’ll probably read a couple more volumes of this series.

Trinity Blood by Sunao Yoshida and Kiyo Kyujo 3/5 stars (

I was looking forward to reading the manga Trinity Blood, because it sounded like it would combine two of my favorite things – vampire vampire hunters and fighting priests.

Trinity Blood takes place in a futuristic world. Esther is a nun who meets an unconventional priest named Abel Nightroad. When vampires menace Esther’s city of Istavan, the nun and priest team up to fight evil. While Nightroad initially seems a little goofy, he’s harbors a secret weapon which is very effective at fighting vampires.

The art is attractive, but something seems slightly off about the facial proportions for the characters. Everyone has too much space between their nose and upper lip. The storyline skips around a little bit. At some points I was a little confused about what was going on because the characters changed locations so much without very much transition. Several days after reading it, I remembered the characters and bits of the storyline, but not many of the little details stuck with me. I liked this enough that I might try reading volume 2 or netflixing the anime series before moving on to something else, but if volume 2 doesn’t grab me, I’ll stop following this series.