Comics Retailing Troglodyte

I do have a fondness for the institution of the local comic book store, even though I don’t have the time to do the weekly run on new comics day anymore. I’ve been in some lovely and friendly comic book stores, but sadly the Simpsons’ stereotype of The Android’s Dungeon does reflect some elements of reality. There are really horrible shops out there run by people don’t act in the way any businessman or woman should. Case in point, Larry of Larry’s Comics has been exhibiting some incredibly bizarre behavior lately. Not only did he attempt an internet throw down over a rejected snack cake with Kevin, Larry is the guy who decided to post this offensive image of a woman being groped by someone wearing Green Lantern rings (NSFW) and have an additional twitter meltdown over Ragnell’s great blog post. I wouldn’t be posting this if I wasn’t friends with Kevin and Ragnell, but I do know now that if I’m ever comic shopping in Massachusetts I definitely won’t be shopping at this guy’s store.