More to read

I got my monthly manga shipment today:

High School Debut #8
Mixed Vegetables #3
Nana #15
Skip Beat #17
Fruits Basket #22
Shinobi Life #2
Pluto #2
Moon Child #1
Black Jack #4
Sayonara Zetsubu Sensei #1

And a lonely graphic novel – Invincible Iron Man #1

Site updates are going to be a bit sporadic for the next few days, because my left hand is in a brace and typing for my job tends to put enough of a strain on my hand that it is a little tough to write at home. But! I’ve been making some headway through my horrible stack of unread manga. I’ve knocked Translucent #1, Bride of the Water God #1, Dorothea #1 off the pile and am midway through Solanin (which is great). I think I’m going to work my way through Planet Ladder soon too.