My secret shame – secret no more!

I tend to keep my “to read” manga and graphic novel pile scattered around on different bookshelves, but I was curious to see how much reading I have to go through, so I stacked it up. The pile reaches my upper hip.

I do not know why I haven’t read OMAC yet. I think it must be because I’m subconsciously afraid of things that are awesome. I’ve been meaning to read Planet Ladder for some time, and I recently swapped for a decent chunk of Saiyuki Reload. I also acquired a few odd volumes of Moon Child, but I’m waiting to read those until I get my hands on volume #1. I think I’m going to wait to reread Flower of Life #2 and #3 (I browsed these in bookstores a long time ago, but haven’t read the copies I ordered) until #4 is also out, so I can read the entire story in one chunk. I started and never finished Ohikkoshi, and I don’t know why, because I did like the few chapters that I read.

I like the Legion of Super-Heroes, but the archive editions are too expensive for me, so I tend to pick up the few trade paperbacks that come out, like The More Things Change. I love the anime for The Twelve Kingdoms, so I’m not sure why I haven’t read the second Twelve Kingdoms novel. I also swapped for some early Viz manga – Love Song and volumes 1 and 2 of Dance til Tomorrow.

Of the items in the stack, I’m probably most likely to read Scott Pilgrim #5 and 20th Century Boys in the next few days. I am taking comfort in the fact that if I took a picture of all the yarn I haven’t knit with yet, it would look much more horrifying than the books stacked up in this photo.