March Manga Ordering

Here’s what I’m thinking of getting:


Boys Over Flowers #36
20th Century Boys #3
Children of the Sea #1
Detroit Metal City #1 – How could you not want to get this after reading the description – By all appearances, Soichi Negishi is a sweet, well-mannered boy who likes Swedish pop music and trendy boutiques. But at the same time he’s also Krauser II, front man for Detroit Metal City, an indie death metal band whose popularity increases by the day. Is this the band he’s truly destined to be in?

There are two volumes that are companions to other series that I’ve previously enjoyed:
Tail of the Moon: The Other Hanzo and Rasetsu, which features one of the characters from Yurara

Go Comi

Crown #3

Digital Manga

Flower of Life #4

Dr Master

Feng Shui Academy – This sound amusing. Ozunu is the top student at the Kusanagi School of Magical Architecture, a high school dedicated to raising professional magical architects of the future. Their job is to apply feng shui in architecture to exterminate demons in Tokyo, where the protective feng shui seal has been broken. Ozunu has always tried to purify or return monsters to where they came from, but he clashes with his rival Tsugaru, who believes strength is the key to everything!

What’s on your list?