Amethyst Princess of Gemworld: Crisis on Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths lives on in the mind of my inner 10 year old girl as one of my most traumatic comic book memories, because the mini-series managed to kill Supergirl and blind Amethyst. Since those were the only comic books I was following at the time, Crisis really bummed me out. I’m not going to attempt to get into the whole mega-crossover thing, I’m just going to focus on the Amethyst related parts. So let’s see how the purple princess was maimed.

In issue #5 of Crisis on Infinite Earths, space and time have become warped and all the heroes are gathered together on a giant splash page to discuss the issue. Here’s Amethyst hanging out with a dude in a loincloth, the Warlord.

Issue 10 featured tiny black and white updates that informed the reader of the fates of people in far-flung dimensions, including the Gemworld.

While Lady Sapphire wasn’t the most pleasant of people, it is too bad her castle was destroyed.

The cover of Crisis #11 shows Amethyst being mauled by a mob. That can’t be good. The many version of Earth are combined and heroes everywhere are adjusting to their painful new reality.

The Demon and Dr. Fate see Amethyst being attacked.

Dr. Occult comes to rescue her.

Amethyst tries to save everyone from deadly shadow demons.

She’s blinded in the backlash! Dr. Fate makes a startling discovery.

Dr. Fate decides to whisk Amethyst back to the Gemworld.

So there we go!

Amethyst is forced to look at the Warlord’s butt. Then a mob tries to tear her apart. She’s blinded and all she has to look forward to in the next issue of Amethyst is some truly cracked out exposition written by Keith Giffen as she learns that her dead father isn’t her real father because her mother had an affair with a rock that possessed her father’s body. So let’s look forward to that next week!