Toshokan Sensō – Library War Episode 9

Iku dreams that she’s talking to her prince charming. She asks him to tell her his name. He turns around and it is Dojo, telling her that she’s an idiot and she needs to get back to work. She wakes up screaming “Noooooooooooo!” At work Iku keeps beating her head against her desk. Hikaru and Shibasaki are mystified by her behavior.

Iku is mortified that she talked about her prince charming in front of Dojo. Hikaru says she must be stressing about her promotion test. Komaki helpfully explains that only 50% of the people who take the test manage to pass, and there’s a written part and a practical part. He suggests that she get to work memorizing a book. Iku freaks out. Dojo comes into the room and tells her not to worry, because he’ll supervise her test preparation. Iku falls out of her chair. Dojo moves to help her up.

Iku says that she’s fine and moves to pick up her things, laughing frantically. Dojo raises an eyebrow at her.

Hikaru and Shibasaki are sitting in a coffee shop. She knows he wants to ask her how to pass the practical test. Hikaru is freaking out because the practical test is reading books to children! How will he survive the perils of storytime!

Shibasaki will help him if he buys her a full course meal as payment. Dojo drills Iku on library regulations. She blushes because he’s sitting so close to her. He asks if she has a fever and moves to feel her forehead. She slaps his hand away, and says that she’s fine. She goes to make coffee. Dojo spits the coffee out because it is loaded with sugar. Iku spills coffee all over her notes, and reaches into her pocket for a handkerchief. The letter disclosing Dojo’s identity falls out of her pocket. Dojo asks what it was, and she says it was the money from Hikaru’s brother. Dojo wants to read the letter, asking if this is why she’s been acting weird. They struggle for the letter and Iku sends Dojo flying to the floor.

Iku waits outside an exam room. Komaki tells her that Dojo has a mild concussion, but will be fine after some rest. Komaki asks Iku to confide in him. Iku says that she’s always compared Dojo to her prince charming, and Dojo always acted like he hated her ideal. She’s afraid Dojo will hate her now. Komaki points out that if anything, Dojo is overprotective of her. Later, Iku runs into Dojo in the library and does an abrupt about face. She can’t manage to talk to him.

Dojo confronts Iku about the letter again while she’s studying, and she runs away from him. Komaki and Dojo are in the office together, and Komaki spots the notes Dojo prepared for Iku. Dojo snatches it away. He says that it seems like Iku hates him now. Komaki laughs because Iku and Dojo are so similar. Iku packs her things, because she’s going to quit Library Corps and go home. She can’t make herself study. Shibasaki treats her as if she’s a little child running away. Iku runs out of her room and into a man wearing sunglasses and a mask. She grabs him, asking what a pervert is doing in the dorm. Dojo identifies himself.

He drops the notebook he prepared for her. Iku picks it up, and he explains that he wrote down all the important information for the written test. Iku thanks him, saying that she’s happy. Then she starts crying because she was afraid that he hated her. He says that she was the one who was avoiding him. They smile at each other.

The next day Dojo explains the reason why the chamomile flower is on the Library Corps emblem – in the language of flowers it stands for strength amidst hardships. It was also Commander Inamine’s late wife’s favorite flower.

Dojo says that he won’t pursue what happened between her and Tezuka’s brother, but she should be aware that she’s his precious subordinate and he will do everything he can to defend her. He wishes her good luck for the test. Iku works on the written portion of the test. Hikaru remembers Shibsaki’s help before he goes to read to the children.
Iku has prepared nature puzzles for the children for her storytime. She’s drawn pictures that incorporate the outline of leaves and pinecones and she has the kids match the leaves to the empty spots in the drawings. She then gives them a mini-lesson on the trees that are planted around the library. Komaki asks Dojo what he thinks of his pupil and he comments that she’s brillant, having captured the attention of the children and encouraged their desire to learn.
On results day Iku, Hikaru, and Shibasaki have all passed. Shibasaki isn’t surprised at the results, because she’s planning on becoming the first female Library Corps commander.

Iku thanks Dojo for the notes, saying that she wouldn’t have passed the written test without them. He says that while her scores on the written test were low, she was at the top of the list for the storytime exam. She gives him a present of chamomile essential oil, and says that she’s going to leave her prince charming behind. She wants to be acknowledged by Dojo instead of her prince charming. He says that she should bring him to a tea shop that sells chamomile tea, and one day he’d like to see the flowers blossom. Iku turns red and collapses, wondering if he’s asking her out.