More Josei from Aurora

MangaCast points out two josei titles that have been licensed by Aurora. I enjoy their book Walkin’ Butterfly, but I haven’t picked up many other titles from them that I see myself collecting. Nephilim was a hot mess (which might be ok for those who are into that kind of thing), and I’ve skimmed through some of their other titles like Make Love and Peace and Love for Dessert but I was a little underwhelmed. Aurora seems to be getting the most financial success from their yaoi line Deux, but I was really hoping for more josei when they started publishing here.

So I’m definitely going to check out these two titles (Queen of Ragtonia and Tengu-jin) since they are coming from the same publishing house in Japan that put out Suppli and Paradise Kiss. I like fantasy series and josei, so these sound like series I’ll enjoy. Queen of Ragtonia is by Chika Shiomi, and I’ve liked reading her previous series Night of the Beasts and Yurara. Usually publishers tend to lock up works by one author, so I find it amusing that Shiomi now has works out from 4 different publishers in the US – Canon (CMX), Night of the Beasts (GoComi), Yurara (Viz), and now Queen of Ragtonia from Aurora.