Toshokan Sensō – Library War Episode 7

An unassuming man in a suit approaches Iku’s roommate Shibasaki in the library and asks for her help in locating information about book burning. She wonders why he’s looking for such dangerous information. Iku and Hikaru are discussing Shibasaki’s love life, how she met a guy when he asked her a reference question and went out for drinks with him. Iku peeks in on her roommate’s date through the cafe window. Iku and Hikaru continue their spying inside and conclude that Shibasaki doesn’t seem very interested in her new man. Iku drops a glass, causing a commotion.

Cafe spies

Shibasaki just seems to be continuing to answer the mysterious man’s questions about the history of the library over drinks. He gives her his card and asks if he can talk to her again since he doesn’t have any friends who work at the library. She says that she only offered her help as a librarian, not friendship. Iku and Hikaru continute to spy, and Hikaru gets a text mysterious message on his phone telling him to expect a phone call that night.

Iku asks what’s going on and he says that its none of her business. Back at the dorm Iku sees that her favorite book of fairy tales is getting some harsh criticism online. She tries to tease Shibasaki about her date, but Shibasaki just says that Iku’s the one getting excited, not her. Shibasaki’s intelligence network has told her that the man Asahina has recently joined a Library Affairs Research Committee. Iku finds her intelligence scary!


Hikaru is dressed in a dark tracksuit, getting a call about a meeting in the middle of the night! The next day at the library Iku runs into Sunagawa, the co-worker who posted a harsh review of her favorite book. He asks for some help moving books. Iku confronts him about his review, pointing out that the harsh words can hurt the feelings of people who love books.


Sunagawa replies that even a librarian has the right to free speech. Iku thinks he’s just making lame excuses and threatens to beat him up the next time she sees him.

You\'re dead!

Sunagawa asks Hikaru if Tezuka Satoshi is his older brother. Sunagawa’s just joined the Library Future Planning Committe that Satoshi leads. Sunagawa continues to praise the Planning Committee until Hikaru grabs him and shoves him against the wall, telling him to shut up.

At work, Shibaskaki’s library patron runs up to her, asking where he can view Mt. Fuji from the library. She says that it can only occasionally be seen, depending on the weather. She’s reluctant to show him the view, but he’s very pushy. He asks if she’s angry and she says no. He bets that he’ll be able to see Mt. Fuji and asks her if she’ll have dinner with him if he wins the bet. They look at the mountain together.

Hikaru is alone in his room at night, remembering his parents and brother celebrating his admission to high school by giving him a watch. In their room, Iku comments that Shibasaki is paying even more attention to her grooming than usual. Shibasaki reveals that she’s going out for dinner with him, and Iku says that if Shibasaki is serious about the relationship, she’ll definitely support her.

Hikaru meets with his brother in the middle of the night!

hello brother

Hikaru wants to know why his brother is accepting people like Sunagawa on his committee. He invites Hikaru to join too. Hikaru says he refuses to cooperate. They debate about the best means to improve society, and Hikaru says that it is his brother’s fault that their family fell apart. Satoshi leaves, saying that he’ll do his best to persuade Hikaru slowly.

On their date, the library patron Asahina says that he has information from a reporter that Shibasaki’s library has been disposing of books improperly. She says that’s impossible. He says he can get the reporter to cover up the story, but asks what she wants to do. Shibasaki says she will give him an answer tomorrow and leaves.

When Shibasaki gets home Iku can tell that something is wrong. Shibasaki asks Iku what she would think of a friend who committed a crime in secret, if she would help cover it up. Iku says she’d ask him to surrender himself to the law, because there would be no way for the person to learn from their mistakes.


Shibasaki realizes that a Library Corps that covers things up isn’t the organization she wants to work for. She hugs Iku. Shibasaki calls Asahina and tells him to pretend that she never heard the conversation yesterday. Asahina throws away his business cards and calls Satoshi. Satoshi comments that Hikaru’s colleague has integrity, but there are other deceits they can use.

The news breaks that the library improperly disposed of books. Everyone is gathered in Genda’s office and Shibasaki comes in saying that statements were made without following proper procedure. Genda says that Sunagawa is also involved. Dojo and Genda leave together and argue outside. Dojo comes back in and says that Iku has been summoned by the Commission of Inquiry because Sunagawa named her as his accomplice.

Iku is calm because someone (Dojo) already was angry for her.

calm iku

They talk about how harsh the Commission of Inquiry is, and it is revealed that Dojo has been sent there before for questioning. Iku asks him why he’s upset and Dojo says that he can’t stay calm when his idiot subordinate is being sent in for questioning!

There wasn’t too much action in this episode, but it was nice to learn more about Shibasaki and Hikaru. It looks like Hikaru’s brother is being set up as an agent of evil for the next couple episodes, so it’ll be interesting to see how Iku gets out of being named as an accomplice to book burning!