Amethyst Princess of Gemworld #10

Well, we’re getting close to the grand conclusion of the first mini-series.

The cover for this issue features Emmy cowering behind a tree, looking at an unconscious Amethyst being nuzzled by her winged unicorn.

The trees surrounding Emmy and Amethyst have faces, and many strange forest creatures are peeking at the two princesses.

The first page of the comic shows a striking map of the Gemworld. The twelve houses come together in the shape of a skull, with Opal’s kingdom taking up the top part of the head.

Garnet, Sardonyx and Ruby make up the forehead. The eyes are the Bog of One Thousand Despairs and the Ruby Lake. Topaz is the left cheekbone, and Moonstone the right.

Emerald is the nose. Amethyst and Sapphire are the area below the nose and partial cheeks. The Diamond Kingdom is the skull’s grinning teeth and Turquoise is a sliver of jaw.

Opal is pointing to the map, saying that soon they will come for him, riding into the jaws of death.

Opal is very confident because he’s faced Lord Garnet before and knows how his mind works. Sardonyx points out that Opal never managed to decisively defeat Garnet, and Opal throws a mini-temper tantrum.

Prince Carnelian grabs a machine gun and heads out to track down the amethyst fragment. Sardonyx asks what he’s doing, but Carnelian pinches him on the cheek and says he’ll only tell when it’ll be too late for Sardonyx to stop him. He bids Sardonyx “Ta Ta Lizard Lips!” in farewell.

Back at Castle Amethyst, Topaz and Amethyst are standing on the roof letting the wind blow through their pretty blond hair. Amethyst doesn’t see how Topaz will be able to convince his sister to join the fight against Dark Opal. Topaz feels he has to try. They kiss. Topaz says that for the first time in his life he feels like he has purpose and direction. Suddenly Emmy falls out of her hiding place. Amethyst immediately recognizes a kindred spirit, as Emmy is the same age she is as Amy back on Earth.

Emmy senses that Amethyst’s gemstone is in danger. Citrina gazes in the Well of Vision, and indulges in some exposition about poor Granch losing the stone while he was rounding up his deformed siblings in the dark dimension. The Well of Vision shows that the amethyst fragment is in Dark Opal’s domain but not in his possession yet. Amethyst intends to fetch back her lost stone, but Citrina points out that her magical abilities will be lessened when she visits the country of her enemy. Emmy volunteers to help because her unique green magic won’t be compromised by going to Dark Opal’s realm. Amethyst is reluctant to take Emmy along, but realizes it would be hypocritical of her to exclude Emmy due to her age.

In Fortress Opal, Sardonyx and Dark Opal are discussing Opal’s collection of stones. His collection is lacking only the Amethyst. He was even able to get a garnet. Lord Sardonyx comments that getting the garnet wouldn’t have been so simple if Lord Garnet knew his son was still alive. The Emissaries of Varn suddenly appear. They’ve come to collect their payment. Since Opal had Sardonyx sign the contract, they’ve come for him. Opal says that the Emissaries failed to meet the terms of their contract because they left a diamond priest alive. He blasts them away from his fortress.

Dark Opal and Sardonyx return to their business. Opal is slightly absent minded, but he’s reminded of what he’s doing by his creepy creepy Opal brooch.

Amethyst and Emmy are flying over Opal’s kingdom when they spot the lizard with Amethyst’s missing gemstone. They also see Carnelian chasing the lizard with a unique mode of transportation.

Carnelian shoots at Amethyst and Emmy. Amethyst loses control of her unicorn and they start to fall. At Castle Amethyst the allies discuss their strategy. Princess Emerald tells Citrina that her mother is now completely insane and incapable of helping Amethyst. Emmy gets up after her fall and sees that Amethyst is unconscious. Emmy uses her magic to make vines immobilize the lizard. Carnelian sees that he’s tied up and decides to make his move. Yelling “Farewell Emerald, one so Green should never have ventured hither!” he shoots at Emmy. Amethyst struggles to get her bearings. The lizard frees itself and Carnelian decides that if a gun doesn’t work he’ll try a grenade. During the fight Carnelian gets his hands on the Amethyst and decides to retreat, leaving another grenade behind for Amethyst and Emmy.

Amethyst contains the explosion with a magic shield, but she’s upset that she wasn’t able to beat a man with no powers of his own. She’s not sure how she’ll be able to beat Dark Opal when he has a fragment of her gemstone.

Topaz has returned to Topaz keep. He hides when he sees soldiers stationed nearby. He overhears the soldiers discussing his sister’s increasing paranoia. He’s captured!

Only two issues left! Will Topaz escape his sister? Will Amethyst get her act together? Will Emmy trade her Princess Leia buns for a more attractive hairstyle?