Demon Diary

Demon Diary by Lee Chi Hyong and Kara (amazon)

Raenef is a new Demon Lord. Eclipse is his servant and tutor, tasked to teach him how to properly inspire terror in the populace. The problem is that Raenef has no idea how to be demonic, and he is spectacularly untalented in his attempts to terrorize anybody. Eclipse tries to teach Raenef choice phrases like “How dare you admonish me, vermin!” but Raenef’s delivery always falls flat. Eclipse is calm, cool and collected while Raenef is given to yawning and giggling when faced with his lessons on proper demon behavior. An unlikely friendship begins to develop between the unconventional new Demon Lord and his proper tutor.

The art is attractive, but the characters suffer from a severe case of the pointy chins. Demon Diary was similar in tone to another comedic fantasy series, Vampire Game. But just going by first volumes alone, Vampire Game presents a much more compelling story, with characters whose growth and evolution I was interested in following. Demon Diary only took up around two-thirds of the volume, with two unrelated back-up stories filling up the rest of the space. Although the main story was set up adequately, I think an additional chapter or two about Raenef and Eclipse would have helped me figure out if I wanted to give additional volumes in this series a try. Unless you really crave some shonen-ai, Vampire Game is a much much better light fantasy series than Demon Diary.