Amethyst Princess of Gemworld #4

Amethyst #4

Amy flees from Dark Opal on the cover of issue four, surrounded by an elaborate golden frame bedecked with gemstones.

As she returns to the Gemworld again, she remarks that each time she goes back she’s not quite sure that she’s really going to change.

She can sense something wrong at Castle Amethyst, and as she arrives her loyal retainers suggest a divination spell so she can find out what’s wrong with Citrina. Amethyst senses Dark Opal’s influence.

Fauna (she’s evil!) encourages Amethyst to approach Citrina’s abandoned body. Amethyst peers into Citrina’s eyes but sees a scary lizard coming out of her mouth.

The lizard transforms into a hideous creature, and she hears the words “Stay Back!”

Amy back in Gemworld

Note Fauna’s expression of unholy glee as Amethyst is captured by Dark Opal’s creepy tentacle creature.

Tentacle Monster and Fauna's Crazy Face

Back on Earth, Amy’s parents continue to freak out about their missing daughter. Amy’s father saw her go through the portal to Gemworld and says to his wife “Our daughter is not of this earth, and wherever she does come from…she’s gone back!!”

I really liked the layout on this page. One of the nice aspects of the art in Amethyst is that each realm in the Gemworld looks different. There are the obvious changes in the dominant color to match the gemstone of the house, but the architecture and costumes of the people also vary from country to country. Poor Princess Emerald goes to her doom, as Dark Opal has ordered that she visit him. Princess Emerald doesn’t look very happy. I’d be unhappy too if I had to wear a hat like that, but it must also be terrible to be forced to spend time with Dark Opal. Fortunately there are two other Emerald princesses.

Princess Emerald going to her DOOM!

Prince Carnelian has journeyed to Castle Emerald to fetch the princess. He’s surprised that Lady Emerald isn’t rebelling against Dark Opal’s orders. He takes the princess out of her coach, announcing that he’ll escort the fair princess to her new abode at Fortress Opal.

A curious creature is attracted to the amethyst gemstone that Granch left at the entrance of the dark dimension to guide his way back. Granch’s siblings really don’t seem to have much fraternal affection for their older brother. Being trapped in the dark dimension for years might warp one’s mind a bit.

Granch loses his way

Amethyst has been whisked away to Dark Opal’s fortress! He comments that she has taken on the role of his adversary very quickly. Opal thinks that Amethyst takes after her mother. Amethyst blasts Opal with mystical energy, but it has no effect. He’s very happy that she’s putting up a fight. She tries to blast him again, and Dark Opal suddenly shatters. Unfortunately he’s divided himself up into several clones just like Jaime Madrox.

Amethyst beats Dark Opal using the power of Geometry! Playing pool can be handy when it helps you angle mystical bolts of energy.


Once Citrina’s spirit-form is released, she and Amethyst are able to escape. Amethyst is happy to be back at her castle. But she’s too complacent, because Dark Opal’s hand reaches through their portal and grabs her hair. Citrina says that even though Opal is using a fragment of her stone to gain access to the castle, she still controls the master gem. She takes back the citrine fragment and shuts the portal on Dark Opal’s hand, cutting it off! He says “Vengeance will be mine…and I swear on a thousand hells that it will come soon!”

Here we have the introduction of Prince Topaz. It must be destiny that he and Amethyst have similar hairstyles. However, he inspired Tangognat’s Rule for Life #78: Never trust a man with bangs.
Beware the bangs

The Topaz realm seems slightly mod. It also features plenty of balconies where princes can stand, act pensive, look at birds, and mope. Topaz caught sight of Amethyst in Sardonyx’s clutches and can’t get her out of his head. He wonders if she was able to survive and escape from Fortress Opal.

hanging out in Castle Topaz

Topaz’s sister pointedly says “Might I remind my brother that whatever Amethyst’s beauty and the prospects for her survival–he is pledged to marry my good friend Lady Sapphire and he may not love another.” She seems very eager to get her brother married off.

Amethyst is reveling in her victory over Dark Opal. Citrina comments that the frightened little girl is being replaced by a woman who will lead the Gemworld back to glory. Amethyst agrees that she feels like a woman now and it is strange and wonderful. Citrina says that she’s happy Amethyst is prepared to leave behind her life on earth and fight for her people. Amethyst is ready to fight, but she has to go back and explain everything to her parents first.

Meanwhile, back in the dark dimension Granch loses his grip on the remaining amethyst. Is he doomed to battle his deformed siblings for all eternity?!
Poor Granch