Amethyst Princess of Gemworld #2

Amethyst #2 cover

In the second issue of Amethyst Princess of Gemworld, Amy is kidnapped by Prince Carnelian. He’s Dark Opal’s adopted son. As you would expect from anyone related to Dark Opal, he is sneaky and conniving. He’s also one of the funniest examples of Gemworld royalty due to his total lack of self-awareness. Prince Carnelian is a legend in his own mind, and he fancies himself as quite the lady killer.

As the issue opens Carnelian demonstrates some fancy knifework by cutting Amy off from the source of her mystic power when he steals her amethyst pendant. Amy asks Carnelian what he wants and he replies that what he wants isn’t important. It is Dark Opal’s desires that she needs to worry about, and he can’t speculate as to what Opal intends to do because “the possibilities are too grisly for my delicate sensibilities!”

Prince Carnelian with a knife

Carnelian takes Amy to Citrina and forces the witch-mother to work a containment spell that will keep the servants of Castle Amethyst from following him. She complies, and everyone in the castle finds themselves rooted to the ground as their legs turn into tree trunks.

In Amy’s house back on Earth, her parents discover that she’s vanished again. Her dog Taffy is gone as well. Citrina starts to work to lift the containment spell, but she’s distracted by some loud barking:

Taffy's in Gemworld

Taffy tried to follow Amy and was trapped in Limbo. Citrina creates a portal for Taffy to the Gemworld, and everyone is taken aback. Since they haven’t seen a golden retriever before, they assume she is a horrible beast! Citrina realizes that Taffy is a “creature of Amethyst” and sends her off to rescue Amy armed with a good luck spell.

Carnelian is gloating to Amy that he was able to capture her when Sardonyx failed, saying that his victory is extra-sweet because he doesn’t have any magical powers. He’s the only person in Gemworld that can’t work even minor spells like levitation or starting a fire. He makes up for his lack of magic by cleverly using technology that seems suspiciously similar to what one would find on Earth.

Carnelian has no power!

Carnelian then tries some of his smooth moves on Amy:

Princess, you stir my blood!

I think it’s great that Amy’s thoughts are exactly what you would expect from a young teen in this situation. She’s thinks “Get your grabby paws off me,” and is grateful for the appearance of the deadly snake, but she’ll also use Carnelian’s crush on her as a means of escape if she can.

Taffy fights off the leader of a pack of vicious looking wolf-creatures as she’s making her way through the dangerous Gemworld landscape. Citrina manages to lift her containment spell, sending the guards of Castle Amethyst after Carnelian. Amy’s parents are discussing the mysterious woman in yellow who left Amy with them when she was a baby and they wonder if Amy’s been abducted. They decide to call the police.

Dark Opal has entered into a contract with the mysterious Emissaries of Varn, faceless creatures from another dimension. Of course, he isn’t going to sign the contract himself:

Opal and Varn

Poor Sardonyx! I don’t think signing a contract with blood with faceless other dimensional beings bodes well for his future. I like the way Dark Opal consistently has crazy eyes when he plots.

Carnelian and Amy are close to Dark Opal’s fortress. He pauses to rest, signaling some nearby troops to come and escort them. Amy asks him to untie her, pointing out that she’s been good and she won’t be able to go anywhere. Carnelian again attempts to kiss Amy, but she’s saved just in time when Taffy tackles the prince. Carnelian drops the amethyst. Amy grabs it and blasts him, yelling “Leave my dog alone, you creep!”

Amy remembers Carnelian’s comment about a flame spell and decides to give that a try, reasoning that she might be able to blow up his cat if she can shove some fire in the gas tank. Amy always manages to get out of sticky situations on Gemworld because she’s paid attention to her science classes in junior high. This is an ongoing motif in the series that I wish had been emphasized a little bit more. Dark Opal’s troops arrive, but Taffy summons the pack of wolves that she tussled with earlier. Citrina and Amethyst’s guards also arrive. Everybody fights! Carnelian is furious that Amy blew up his cat. He pulls out a gun and starts shooting, hitting one of Amethyst’s guards! With Citrina distracted by the shooting Carnelian makes his escape while dreading having to report his failure to Dark Opal.

Dark Opal is clearly an abusive father:
Dark Opal Abuse!

What’s going to happen when Dark Opal decides to deal with Amethyst “personally”? Tune in next week to find out!