Matisse: Dance for Joy

Matisse Dance for Joy by Susan Goldman Rubin (amazon)

I’m always happy when I get a new board book. My twins enjoy being read to and I don’t have to worry about them lunging over and tearing the pages. Matisse: Dance for Joy does an admirable job of matching active words to Matisse’s colorful collages, with fun to read aloud phrases like “kickity-kick”, “shimmy-shake”, and “rumble tumble.” The primary colors will definitely attract attention, and I think it would be nice to use the book as an excuse to get up and dance when reading it with an older kid. The book is attractively designed, with the text printed in white against colorful borders that frame the illustrations.
While I don’t think that exposing my kids to art at a young age is going to turn them into itty bitty Picassos, I don’t think it hurts! Both of my children tried to eat this book when I was reading it to them, so I think that counts as a positive review from them. Other books available in this series include Counting with Wayne Thiebaud and Andy Warhol’s Colors.

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