Toshokan Sensō – Library War Episode 4

When we last saw Iku, she and the director of the Library Corps were surrounded by evil dudes! She volunteers to go along with him, and they are kidnapped.

in the van

Dojo is pensive:

sad dojo

The kidnappers call and demand the documents the library corps retrieved in the previous episode. They put Iku on the phone and she babbles about having to cancel a reservation with her friend Asako at a very expensive restaurant. Asako realizes that Iku is actually using her brain, and she’s provided the team with a clue to her whereabouts. The commander also takes off his prosthetic leg, which activates a homing beacon.

When they pinpoint the captives’ location Genda immediately buys the building where they are being held so the Library Corps have jurisdiction over the police, and they can send in the guys with the guns to attempt a daring rescue. I wish my library had an acquisition budget like that, it would certainly come in handy.

big money

He laughs at the police:
ha ha ha

Dojo heads out to lead the rescue mission, thinking about how similar Iku is to the way he was when he was just starting out. Ah, the memories!

dojo en route

Fighting Dojo!
he's so manly!

As the commander is being wheeled away, he thanks Iku and says he told Dojo she did a good job:

good job iku

Dojo compliments her on a job well done, but they get into a fight again:


Iku says she definitely doesn’t like Hikaru, so she can’t go out with him. He’s ok with that, as he only asked her out because Dojo said he could learn something from her. Iku is dismayed that she got all worked up for nothing.

just friends

Next episode: Iku’s parents come to visit, and they have no idea that she’s been serving in the Library Corps! Aiee!