What I’m Ordering in May

This is what I’m ordering from an online purveyor of comics in May:


ZOT Vol. 1: Complete Black & White Stories 1987 to 1991 – I have most of the single issues for Zot! but I’m looking forward to being able to sit down and read them in a collected edition.

All Star Superman

Manga, new series:

SUGAR PRINCESS SKATING TO WIN by Hisaya Nakajo, the author of Hana Kimi. I’m hoping this is good. Mostly I’m very amused by the title, and I wonder if the heroine will somehow manage to win at BOTH ice skating AND love?! I’m guessing she will prevail!

Manga, ongoing series:

ONE POUND GOSPEL 2 – I’m buying this even though I haven’t read the first volume yet simply because it is by Rumiko Takahashi and involves a boxer and a nun. I don’t see how it can fail to be entertaining.
TAIL OF THE MOON 12 – My favorite comedic ninja romance manga. Also, the only comedic ninja romance manga that I read.
APOTHECARIUS ARGENTUM 6 – This is a nice, low-key fantasy series from CMX with plenty of court intrigue.
VENUS IN LOVE VOL 4 – Another CMX series. I’m hoping that the male character with a crush on his best (male) friend doesn’t suddenly turn heterosexual for the heroine of this book, but I’m not counting on it.
BOYS OVER FLOWERS 31 – Ah, Tsukasa and Tsukushi, will they ever get together? I think there are only 5 volumes left after this one.
HER MAJESTY’S DOG 10 – The only GoComi title for me this month, I decided to wait on getting Cantarella to keep within my budget.