Toshokan Sensō – Library War Episode 3

I found this episode a little less exciting than the first two. There’s some discussion of relationshippy stuff, a mission that deliberately excludes Iku, wheelchair hijinks, and a bit of a cliffhanger at the end.

So part of the reason why Iku joined the library task force is that when she was a schoolgirl, a mysterious guy saved her from the thought police. So she’s on a quest to find the “prince” from her past. Is it a coincidence that Dojo appearers to be addicted to a soda with a very particular name?

prince soda

At a mission briefing, Hikaru sits right next to Iku and she is dismayed:

too close for comfort

Everyone’s going on a mission, but Iku is left behind to escort a dignitary in a wheelchair. She’s not happy when this is revealed during the briefing:

left behind

The guys talk about this and say that there’s a double standard going on.

the guys of library war

She practices for her mission:


Hikaru sees Iku before he ships out. He asks if they are going to talk about what he said to her (he likes her). She says they’ll talk about it later:


The mission seems to go well:

library troops!

Iku’s mission goes ok to, except right at the end, she’s surrounded by bad guys!

surrounded by evil

Dojo is concerned!

oh no!

Iku looks like she’s ready for action!


What will happen next?!!!!!!