Toshokan Sensō – Library War Episode 1

I thought I’d post a few pictures from the first episode of Library War. My Japanese sucks, so I’m waiting for a fan sub. But the show looked very entertaining to me.

Our heroine Iku encounters the evil thought police:

thought police are bad

Training as part of a nifty cool organization that defends free thought is tough:

training is hard

Our cute, deep-voiced hero Atsushi, looming over our heroine after she collapses on the ground:

cute, but short hero

This is the only time he is able to loom over her, due to their extreme height difference:

oh my, she is taller than he is!
Iku talks about Atsushi at lunch with her friend, only to realize that he was in the vicinity when she was talking about how short he is:

lunch angst!

The impressive logo of our heroes:

daisy and a book!

I’ll post a couple more pics later, as further on in the episode there are card catalogs! And people trying to razor out centerfolds from library-owned magazines!