More Library War

Sweet, Sweet Card catalogs:

card catalogs

Evil @ The Library! This guy had an exacto knife and snuck a magazine into the bathroom. We all know what that means…..

evil at its worst

Librarian Beatdown! I think most libraries would be vastly improved if librarians ran around in uniform and received combat training as a condition of the job.

I always like to start my days at the library with some punching

Atsushi shows up and cuffs the guy. Does he thank Iku?


I think he was slapping her for going after a rogue library patron who was armed with an exacto knife when she’s still a rookie.
Towards the end of the episode Iku goes after 3 huge Thought Police who try to take a book away from a little kid:

don't take books from little girls!

Her friends show up and help out, but….

eyes of doom

She gets another lecture:

stupid rookie!

He says she’s stupid:


She says he’s stupid:

no, you're stupid

Ah, young love.