Hikkatsu! Strike a Blow to Vivify

Hikkatsu! Strike A Blow to Vivify by Yu Yagami 4/5 stars (amazon)

It is good to start the new year off right, which is why I heartily recommend this manga about punching household appliances. Shota takes his karate master’s advice to use martial arts for the benefit of mankind as an order to develop a special Repair Blow that will fix vending machines, TVs, and refrigerators. The futuristic world he lives in is plagued by electromagnetic storms, so appliances are constantly on the fritz. Unfortunately most of the time Shota’s Repair Blow results in the object he was trying to repair being smashed into little pieces.
Shota is joined by Momoko, a sheltered girl who was raised by pigeons. She leaves her feathery family behind to embark on a quest to find the love of her life. When Shota destroys a broken vending machine in front of her, giving Momoko her money back and a bunch of ramen, she decides that he is her destined husband. She wears a pigeon named Hatoko on her head most of the time.
Shota’s quest to perfect his Repair Blow meets a few hurdles in the form of a skateboarding con man and an enemy from his past. The art has a great deal of energy, as you might expect with all the punching of inanimate objects that is necessary to explore the premise of the series. Yagami also created Those Who Hunt Elves. If you’re looking for some comedic shonen manga to brighten up your January, check out Hikkatsu!