My Heavenly Hockey Club

My Heavenly Hockey Club by by Ai Morinaga 4/5 stars (

Hana is a heroine after my own heart. She dedicates her life to eating and sleeping, to the extent that she studies diligently to get into a competitive high school located a few feet away from her house because she wants to cut down on her morning commute. Due to a random accident, she finds herself inducted as a member of an all boys field hockey club. The club doesn’t really play sports. Instead, they schedule away games to give them an excuse to travel around, go to hot springs, and eat local food. Izumi is the handsome and rich leader of the club, aided by the vice captain Itoigawa, the feminine looking Natsuki, and the twin Ayuhara brothers.

There are some obvious parallels with Ouran High School Host Club – both clubs feature a clueless rich leader, a devious second in command, mischievous twin brothers, and a decidedly unenthusiastic heroine. Hockey Club is a little less over the top in its comedy and doesn’t skewer shojo conventions as much as Host Club. The comedy in Hockey Club is based more on the characters’ relationships and travels although an occasional monkey or slobbering wild bear will appear from time to time.

Although Izumi and Hana might be headed towards romance, their relationship in this first volume is expressed through Hana’s habit of falling asleep on Izumi and his tendency to buy her cheesecake. If you’re tired of reading a typical shojo story about a clumsy but attractive girl who somehow manages to make 3 boys fall in love with her at once, My Heavenly Hockey Club seems like a fun and quirky alternative.