super happy fun manga giveaway!

In celebration of my soon to be 4th year of running this blog, I’m going to give away some manga!

Here’s how it works:

1) E-mail me (tangognat @ with your first and second choices and your mailing address.
2) Entries will be chosen at random and announced on March 23rd. Midnight March 22nd is the cut-off date. The last time I did this I asked for your favorite palindrome. There’s no requirement for entry, but if you want to write a haiku about something, I’ll print my favorites. If you have a blog and don’t mind linking to this page to get the word out, I’d appreciate it!
3) That’s it! Now for the list of manga I’m giving away!

Train + Train Volume 1 by Hideyuki Kurata and Tomomasa Takuma – A nebbishy boy. A violent, spoiled rich girl. A high school on a high tech train.

Othello Volume 1 by Satomi Ikezawa – Love, music, and multiple personalities.

Sgt Frog Volume 1 by Mine Yoshizaki – Alien Frogs and world domination!

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad Volume 1 by Harold Sakuishi – Rock music and a dog that looks like Frankenstein!

D Gray-man Volume 1 by Katsura Hoshino – Demon fighting and creepy guys in top hats!

Versus Volume 1 by Keiko Yamada – Violins, classical music, and angst!

Zombie Powder Volume 1 by Tite Kubo – Knife throwing. Giant Chainsaws. Plenty of fighting!

Kurogane Volume 1 by Kei Toume – Silent mechanical samurai with a talking sword!

Banya the Explosive Deliveryman Volume 1 by by Kim Young-Oh – The title says it all.

Pet Shop of Horrors Volume 1 by Matsuri Akino – Creepy pets. Suspicious detective.

Black Cat Volume 1 by Kentaro Yabuki – Bounty hunters, shadowy organizations, and a female thief!

Otogi Zoshi Volume 1 by Narumi Seto – Swordplay in historic Japan.

Golgo 13: Supergun by Takao Saito – The world’s greatest assassin!

Backstage Prince Volume 1 by Kanoko Sakurakoji – He’s a cranky kabuki star. She’s a normal high school girl. Will they fall in love!?

All entries will also be entered in a drawing for a Cantarella Poster.

The Manga Giveaway is now over. Thanks to everyone who entered!