Garage Band

Garage Band by Gipi 4/5 stars (

Giuliano gets a temporary loan of a garage from his dad, and finally gets an idea practice space for his band. Stefano is the lead singer, who looks at the dirty garage and announces that they’ll all get horrible diseases and die. Alberto is the guitarist. Alex is the drummer with an affinity for Nazi propaganda items. We get to know the individual band members through a series of short scenes. Giuliano goes out with his father to fly a remote-controlled plane. Stefano is tempted by an offer from a music executive. When a busted amp threatens to put a stop to their demo recording, the band does something stupid to gain new equipment. These stories are joined together by scenes of the band jamming in the garage. The evocative watercolors of the art capture the energy of the band as well as the quieter moments between the characters. Garage Band also illustrates a universal truth – no matter where you’re from, no mater what language you speak, all drummers are crazy.
There’s a preview of Garage Band up at Isotope.

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