cool comics coming out in January

I don’t always write the usual “flipping through previews” post that most comic bloggers tend to do, but I preordered a bunch of titles that are coming out in January (because preordering and getting a discount is the way I afford to buy so many comics) and I wanted to highlight a few of them:

read or dieRead or Die volume 1 – I actually have this book in Japanese, but there isn’t any furigana printed next to the kanji so it is way beyond my limited comprehension skills. Read or Die is one of my favorite anime, both the OAV and the TV show. Since the show features people who are obsessed with books who have the magical ability to control paper, you can see how it would appeal to a librarian. I think the manga of Read or Die follows the adventures of Yomiko Readman and the young author Nenene Sumiregawa. I’m not sure if it closely follows the timeline of the anime, but I’m guessing that the manga happens after the events in the OVA and before the tv series. Flipping through the Japanese manga, it seems to follow the formula of the anime – there’s plenty of action and comely young women running around bookstores and libraries.

The first volume of Golgo 13 comes out. I’m going to get the first volume of this series about an assassin. This manga first started coming out in 1968 and ran until 2003? Yikes!

Sorcerers and Secretaries. I’ve read previews of this online at Tokyopop, and it looks very well done. There is no way I can keep up with all the OEL manga that Tokyopop is putting out, but I’m happy to give this title a chance.

Cantarella #2 – I didn’t pick up the first volume, but David Welsh gave it a positive review. I tend to like the books he recommends, so I’m going to track it down and buy the second volume to see if I’ll like this manga about the Borgias.

Other manga I’m ordering: The first volume of Absolute Boyfriend, the second volume of Nana, Queen’s Knight #5, Tramps Like Us #8, Basara #16, and Land of the Blindfolded #6.

Comics: I’m getting the Warren Ellis titles Fell #5 and Desolation Jones #5, Legion of Superheroes, Book of Lost Souls, and whatever issues of Seven Soldiers are coming out. Everything else I’m picking up at my local comics shop.

I spend too much money on comics. I should buy some shoes instead!