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Tegan invented a meme where we visit 10 blogs listed on Comics Weblog Update and blog about them. I’ve wondered about listing myself on that site, I think I don’t blog about comics often enough to qualify as a true comics blogger.

The Comic Asylum – Front page lists a combination of posts about comics and industry news. Running a series about greatest comic battles ever. Automatic bonus points from me for blogging about Galactus!

Bugpowder – This is a collaborative weblog based in the U.K. for small press comics. Posts are just a few sentences, and very link-driven.

The Word On The Street! Cute link to Star Wars T-shirt. Dr. Sordid seems to like DC comics a bunch.

Websnark – Seems to be snarky about various forms of comics and culture in general. Current post is on For Better or For Worse.

hazylium eats all media I’m so glad I clicked over to this blog, because I didn’t know that they were going to produce a sequel to Kung-Fu Hustle! I am so psyched!

The Absorbascon brings the funny every day. I like the posts on Night Girl’s strange hairdo.

Zilla and the Comics Junkies – Nice long post on Hellboy and there’s also an interview with the artist of Hero@Large.

Facedown in the Gutters – Featuring a series of favorite comic book costumes. I never knew there was a character named “The Creeper”.

Noticias Universio Marvel – Spanish language blog about everything Marvel.

Jack Kirby Comics Weblog – Just what the title says, this blog features many scans and posts about Mr. Jack Kirby’s work.