some wiki action

It looks like everyone at work liked the basic install of MediaWiki that I put up as a sample of what an electronic reference manual could look like, so we are going to go ahead and start transferring over the content in our old binder soon. I’m writing up a basic “how to add content to the wiki page” because even though MediaWiki has great documentation, for the purposes of the reference manual project we are only going to be using a small set of features.

Over on the Comics4Libraries Wiki, a couple pages are under more active development. Nat is adding links to the Autobiographical and Non-Fiction comics page. and I’m adding a few informal reviews and links to the Manga Page. If you look at the Wanted Pages for the Wiki, you can see some of the orphan pages with no content, if you wanted to jump in and start editing. One thing about the Wikka Wiki software used for Comics4Libraries — it uses camel case for internal linking and creating new pages. So if you edit a page and type in a word with mixed capitals and lowercase like VForVendetta, a link to an empty VForVendetta page will be created. Then you can start adding content to that page. This does create a bit of a problem though, as orphan pages are created for normal words that have upper and lower case letters in them like McKean.

Late-breaking-tip from the comments on this post: But the problem is solved when you add double double quotes to the words you don’t want to turn into a link. I really need to read documentation before blogging

Even though I’ve asked people to register to edit the wiki, (and when your register, your name has to be in the CamelCase or WikiName format of mixed upper and lower case like FanGirl, LibraRian, I think) just because it would be easier to keep track of what’s going on, there currently isn’t any restriction on any of the wiki pages — you don’t have to register to add content to the pages. So if you feel like it, try it out 🙂