the joy of pre-ordering comics

What I’m ordering from a certain online retailer (who happens to have a good run of X/1999 volumes and Ceres: Celestial Legend, and Alice 19th for $6.50)


Fables #36
I’ve been meaning to try this series for a long time.
Toxin #1
It sounds sort of lame, but Peter Milligan is writing it.
Power Pack #1
I am a slave to nostalgia
X-Men #169
The first issue of Milligan’s run on the title (my comic shop put up a sign saying “X-Men Fans, please come back, Chuck Austen is gone!) also seemed sort of lame, but Milligan is writing good dialog for the White Queen, so I will give this a try for a few months.
Human Target #21
Last issue of this! I’m not totally obsessed with Milligan, but Human Target was the only ongoing series that my fiance reads, so I always bought this.
Vinamarama #3
Grant Morrison is one of the few things that will make me get exciting about reading some comics from DC, so I am also buying:
Seven Soldiers: Klarion the Witch Boy #1 and Seven Soldiers: Zatanna #1
Vertigo: First Taste was discounted to only $2.50, so I picked that up.
Noble Causes #10

Ongoing Manga Series that I follow:

X-1999 vol 18
Land of the Blindfolded vol 3
Doubt! vol 2
Ruroni Kenshin vol 14
Prince of Tennis vol 7
Kare Kano vol 15

Some first vols of manga:

Ray vol 1
“Ray grew up on an unconventional sort of farm, one that bred and raised her as a living, breathing organ donor. After her own eyes were taken from her, a stranger bestows upon her the gift of sight, and she can suddenly see what lies before her. Ray’s new baby blues give her a superhero’s ability – she has X-Ray vision! Ten years later, Ray works as a nurse and moonlights as an underground medical doctor performing off-the-book medical procedures for-profit. ” This sounds weird
Midori’s Days vol 1
This is the translation of Midori no Hibi, the manga about a guy with a girl for a hand.