Knitting in blues and pondering Find Your Fade

I’ve been working on Melanie Berg’s On The Spice Market, but I am temporarily foiled by the m3k3s in section 3. I somehow am making 4 instead of 3 perhaps? It is a mystery, I am going to wait until I can get to my knitting group and pray for an intervention.

In the meantime because I am easily distracted, I have been wondering about Find Your Fade. I have a ton of old koigu that I have been hoarding for a long time, and even using some of it on my giant entrelac scarf of doom some time ago, there’s still plenty in my stash. But not enough with enough color variation for an entire Find Your Fade, so I went stashdiving to see if I could come up with some options.

option 1

This has some tiny amounts of random Koigu, followed by some speckled skeins of Richard Devrieze yarn in hot flushes, which I think is the same as vintage Koigu, followed by some orangey pink Koigu, then two balls of orangey maroon and purple Koigu, making a detour to a tonal purple skein of Sundara yarn, ending up in some Cherry Tree Hills yarn in a brighter purple with blue.

Option 2

This swaps out some of the Koigu for a skein of pink/orange Sleeping Dragon sock yarn, with some burgundy Louet Gems fingering coming before the Cherry Tree Hills Yarn.

Option 3

Here we swap out the Sleeping Dragon yarn for some bright fuchsia Koigu, but I didn’t like this that much.

Option 4, same as Option 1

I rearranged the yarn again, only to come back to the first variant I had to start with. So, is this the way to go? Or should I do something else entirely? My other thought was to buy a skein that combines grey and pink, and then fade into various greys on the other end, which would end up with a more dramatic shift than pink/pink-orange/pink-maroon/purple. I have a couple skeins of shibui sock in grey that I could easily use, but nothing really to serve as an in between skein leading to the grey.

2 thoughts on “Knitting in blues and pondering Find Your Fade

  1. Cheryl S.

    I like option 1, but I’d also like to see the greys, since that sounds like it would be a nice choice, too.

  2. Anna Post author

    I would need to buy some sort of transitional skein to do the greys. Still pondering. I can always start it and make up my mind later 🙂

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