Amethyst and the Weirdoverse – Wrap-up

I accidentally blew away most of the images on this blog and have been adding them back to my Amethyst posts. I just realized that I hadn’t actually finished covering the very odd time Amethyst popped up in the Convergence/Book Of Fate/Weirodoverse crossover issues in the 90s.

Amethyst does appear briefly at the end of Book of Fate 8, where she takes a bath, evilly.


She shows up again to flirt with Fate in an ill-fitting purple bikini.



Other things happen, and eventually Fate gets sent to a future alien plant to hang out with Lobo!? I was really not paying very close attention at this point, but Amethyst does show up again as an old lady.


And that’s about it, for Amethyst appearances in this obscure corner of the 1990s. I do plan to cover some of the Amethyst references in Legion of Super-Heroes soon.