Recent Amethyst Reading

Showcase Presents: Amethyst Princess of Gemworld

I did buy and read the Showcase Presents: Amethyst Princess of Gemworld collected volume last month. It was fun to revisit the series even though it was a bit jarring to be reading the issues in black and white instead of color. After a little bit though, I was able to settle in and I picked up on some new details here and there that I hadn’t seen before in the color issues, particularly the way Ernie Colon drew different kingdoms of the Gemworld that were distinguished with varied architecture and setting, in addition to color palette. I’d forgotten what a good deal this was. In addition to the 12 issue maxiseries, it also has a good portion of the second series, and the first appearance of Amethyst as a back-up story in Legion of Superheroes, and the fun DC Comics Presents story where Amethyst teams up with Superman. This really is a great value, although I’d still recommend that people try to track down some of the color issues as well.

Sword of Sorcery Issues 1 and 2

I’ve been reading Sword of Sorcery on Comixology, more from a sense of duty as someone who has dedicated a bunch of time to the Amethyst character than from any meaningful enjoyment. The art continues to be very nice as new houses of this version of the Gemworld are introduced. Citrine is a loyal Amethyst ally and filled with warrior women. Diamond has shifted from priests to a noble house filled with brawling sons. House Onyx is filled with shaven-headed ninjas. There are also some good character-based moments of humor where modern girl Amy encounters the quasi medieval/mystical culture of the Gemworld. However, while many of the aspects of the comic are well-executed, I’m not seeing much to convince me that this particular reboot was very necessary. Also, in the second issue the Diamond Prince Hadran shows himself to be a good guy by preventing his older brother from raping the new wife of one of their soldiers. So that’s two attempted rapes used to establish character traits in three issues. I’m expecting that the next issue will skip with the raping, and then perhaps there will be a new character introduced in issue four who will be presented as sympathetic to the reader by preventing yet another rape. Seriously, there weren’t any puppies to save or Gemworld street urchins to rescue?